Tournament Information

Tournament season is approaching and we are having a mandatory meeting for Parents, Managers and Coaches to discuss the procedure for being selected for a tournament team and how the tournament works.

The meeting is next Wednesday the 27th  at 8pm in the DeLuca (cafeteria )   Parents need to attend so your child can tryout.

The number of teams depends on the number of players, managers and coaches that want to participate. The tournament starts at the 8 year old age group and goes up. Each age group is separate. 8’s, 9’s, 10’s, 11’s and 12 year old teams are selected.

  1. The cost associated with playing, if selected, will be $195 for Baseball and Softball. Payment must be made in full before you receive your uniform.
  2. Based on last year, the tournament games run from the last week of June until the first or second week of August (depending on how far you go).
  3. A minimum of at least 11 games will be played…again based on last year.
  4. There are usually three games a week plus practices (# of practices depends on the coach).

There will be three Tournament clinics/tryouts (dates to be announced) – you must attend two of the three to be eligible for tournament ball.

District 34 Meeting

We are also are having a mandatory meeting for everyone interested in participating in the District 34 invitational tournament this summer. Parents, Managers and Coaches must attend this meeting.

It will be held Wednesday May 27th at 8pm in the DeLuca cafeteria.

Canvas Creations / NBYL Fundraiser

I just wanted to get some information on an upcoming fundraiser for NBYL. Canvas Creations is doing a fundraiser with NBYL (May 30th) to find your hidden artistic talent. For more information you can call 631-774-3388 or email Details are also on flyer below.

Click for flyer.