Fall Ball Is Softball, Too!

Softball Fall Ball 2016 is right around the corner! Fall Ball is an instructional league, playing at Sawyer Fields in West Babylon on Saturdays. The season will start September 10th and run through October 29th (8 week schedule). Rainouts will be on Sundays or during the week if needed.

Registration will be Wed., August 24th, and Wed., August 31st, by the Equipment Room (Next to The Dog House), between 6:30-8:30 pm.

The per athlete fee is $75 for Minors and Majors and $20 for Farms. Teams can register together or individual athletes can be placed on the appropriate division team.

As a reminder, teams are based on where the athletes will be playing in the spring season so that they are preparing for the rules for next year.

Division Age Groups (age by December 31, 2016):

7-8 Farms
9-10 Minors
11-12 Majors

Any questions, please contact:

Tanya Interrante (631) 872-2640, nbylsoftball@yahoo.com
Lea Vandernoth (917) 796-3330, LVR92@yahoo.com

Fall Ball Coming to North Babylon! Registration on August 24th & 31st!

Fall Baseball 2016

Corrado Summer Camp Starting!

Baseball Summer Camp

Help For A Member Of The NBYL Family…

Hello everyone.

Our season is coming to an end, and I would like to reach out to our NBYL family. Catherine Holm, wife of Mark Holm, a long time member and supporter of the NBYL, needs our help. Please read the attached flyers and note from Mark and help out, not only Catherine, but all the families that might be going through the same thing. Thank you in advance, hope to see you there.

Ken Primm

President NBYL

From Mark –

Hi Ken, I was hoping thru the NBYL, you might be able to help us. My wife has been diagnosed with A.L.L., an aggressive Leukemia which requires a bone marrow transplant. My family is holding an event on June 11th along with the BeTheMatch.org foundation to help find donors not only for my family but the thousands of other families that are going thru the same thing. It is a simple procedure, they just swab your cheek. Also people don’t realize that being a donor is no longer an invasive or painful process now, it’s just like donating blood or platelets but just takes a few hours longer. There will be a free raffle of an iPad and some local gift cards. The only donations we are looking for is Marrow, not money. I will send you some links so you can see what has been going on. if you can help spread the word we would really appreciate it, if not I understand.

Thanks, Mark Holm

Help Mark's wife and others with cancer

Congratulations, All Stars!

Our final All-Star Farms and Majors softball and baseball games for the current season were held this past Friday, May 20th. Scheduling of the games was troublesome due to the chilly, rainy weather this spring, but all of the games were completed, with Minors last weekend, and Farms and Majors this week, and our players showed off their skill and talents on the field, to their great credit.

Even with some games held in a slow drizzle, the crowd had a good time, enjoyed the music from the disc jockey, and cheered the great plays and hits on field #1, which hosted the baseball All-Star games, and field #3, which hosted the softball All-Stars.

The North Babylon Youth League congratulates all the players that gave their best on the field, and all the coaches and volunteers that made the events such a success!