2018 NBYL Majors Come Up With Big Tournament Win!

NBYL Majors Baseball earns big District 34 Tournament win

The 12U Majors Bulldogs were made up 8-5th grade players and 6-6th grade players (as of this summer) in the 12U Majors District 34 Little League Invitational Tournament. In the past, this would have been an 11-year old team, so what our players accomplished was amazing, from Williamsport, and then on through the Distict 34 Invitational Tournament.

Manager Anthony Meile took 14 players, which may be surprising to most, but Manager Meile was confident in the team. Most teams in the Invitational were hitting between 9-11 players a game, and that was something that the Bulldogs were able to overcome and take advantage of, by hitting 14 players.

Every player brought something important and was needed for the team to reach their goal of winning the Championship. Pitching was key, and lead by Jake Miele and James Figueroa in the semi-Finals and Finals who gave up only 1-2 hits combined, made the Bulldogs a team that the other teams did not want to face.

Congratulations to all the Players, who improved and excelled, and were all needed, in many different ways. In the Semis the Bulldogs won on pitching and a walk off Home Run. In the Championship Game, they won through a 1-2 hit pitched game, along with hitting, fielding, and running bases. The Bulldogs won with a dominating 10-3 win in the final. The team motto was “Do all the small things well, everything matters, and chip away every inning”, which is what they did night after night.

The team’s players, Jake Miele, James Figueroa, Kevin Rudden, Micheal Minicus, Micheal Delivlar, Ryan and Timothy Camier, Jack Rowland, Justin Demeng, Anthony Prevete, Nicholas Atwell, Micheal Shook, Dante Olegea, and Tyler Anderson were all players who believed in the team philosophy and played baseball every night, with purpose and determination.

The NBYL Bulldogs Majors (12U) fought their way to the District 34 Invitational Tournament 12U championship this past Saturday, August 4th, against tough competition from the towns of Western Suffolk. The NBYL is proud of all of our tournament teams that competed, and we all know how hard it is to become champions in this district. Congratulations to the players, coaches, and parents who gave their time and their talent to practice and play all the way to victory!