New To The NBYL?

Welcome to North Babylon Youth League Baseball!

The North Babylon Youth League is known as the NBYL. All payments for registrations should be made out to “NBYL”.

We all want the children to have a safe, fun time learning how to play America’s favorite pastime. So please let the League AND your coach know if there are any special medical needs or conditions about your child that we should be aware of. Some of these conditions include, but are not limited to:

Bee or other insect allergies
Food allergies

Or anything else that you feel the coaches should know about your child. For certain conditions, like bee sting allergies, we may request parents remain at the game or practice, in case an injection or other medicine needs administering.

Parents are not normally required to remain at practices and/or games, but it is highly encouraged. One of the really fun parts of baseball and softball is seeing the players having such a great time, and gaining teamwork and motor skills, as well as friendships that will last them throughout their lives.

Any parents that want to assist the team and/or with the practices, please do, and please let the coach know as soon as possible. You will need to receive a class on safety and first-aid procedures, and the league code of conduct rules. The league runs classes every spring in January, February, and March, or the division coordinator can set up a time and place to complete the required classes.

Player Equipment:

The NBYL supplies one set of pants, shirt, baseball cap, and socks, in the team’s colors. Further uniforms can be purchased at several sporting goods stores in the area.

Gloves – Each player should have their own glove, righty or lefty, depending on the players’s handedness. Attempt to get a glove that is designed for their small hands. Full size gloves cannot be closed properly by their fingers, and makes it harder to catch the ball. Please try to condition the gloves, especially if they are new. New gloves are hard for adults to close, let alone young players. Ask your coach or the store where you purchase it about conditioning the gloves to be soft and supple. Many stores have “instant conditioning” machines, or the tried and true oiling of the gloves with glove conditioner or neatsfoot oil works, but takes some time and patience.

Bats – Every player wants their own bat, but remember, only official USA Logo’ed bats may be used for Little League™ baseball. And only T-ball bats may be used for T-Ball play. For baseball Instructional, Farms, Minors and Majors, only official Little League™ USA bats may be used (Softball has its own standards). Also, try to get only as heavy a bat as your child can hold straight out in front of them with both hands for 10-20 seconds. If the bat starts to droop, it is probably too long or heavy to hold and swing without tiring the player.

Helmets – Every player should have their own helmet. This is to prevent disease and lice spread via hair and scalp. The league does have some shared helmets, but if possible, try to get a well-fitting helmet for your child. No player may bat under any circumstances in a game or practice without using a batting helmet.

Cups and “chest-guard” shirts are highly encouraged and cups are required by the league. It is sometimes difficult to get new players to wear the protective equipment, but it is for THEIR safety.

Batting Gloves are optional, and it is the players’s and parent’s choice whether to wear them.

Helping out:

At least twice during the season, parents are asked to assist in the concession stand, which makes a good deal of money for the league, and keeps costs lower for the players, as well as providing a place to get snacks and cold drinks during games for the kids. It is usually 2-3 hours, on different dates. Please let the coach know as soon as the schedule is released if you can help. Team participation is required by the NBYL.

There is also a voluntary donation from each team for the mother-daughter charity softball game.

General Meetings:

Once a month (usually the first Tuesday of the month), the NBYL has a General Meeting (usually at the Deluca Elementary School cafeteria). While it is mainly coaches that attend these meetings, all parents and players are welcome. Watch the website at for updates on meeting dates and locations.

Some important dates:

Most Fridays in January, February, and March are free clinic nights – For baseball, the clinics are at the Parliament Elementary School. For softball, the clinics are the Belmont Elementary School. T-Ball and first-year Instructional clinics are from 6:30-7:30pm, second-year instructional and Farms are from 7:30-8:30pm, and older kids (Minors and Majors), are from 8:30-10:30pm. There is no additional charge for the clinics, just bring your glove!

In late March, there is usually a coupon for Dicks Sporting Goods – It will be posted on the NBYL website.

First or second Saturday in April – Opening day and parade from North Babylon High School to the fields, along Phelps Lane. We assemble at the Phelps Lane side of the High School (Time will be posted on the NBYL website), and march to the field. There will be introductions and the kickoff of the season, treats for the kids, and the first games of the season! Our games schedules are listed in the Yearbook, under the section for which division (T-Ball, Instructional, Farms, Minors or Majors) your player is in.

April or May there will be Picture Day! Please be ready and bring your child in FULL UNIFORM to have their team picture taken (Gloves are fine, but NO BATS). Location is normally the Phelps Lane Pool House, but watch the website for any changes.

The League usually sells tickets to a game of the Long Island Ducks as a NBYL fun day. There will be details posted online, but we have special pricing and special seating, and it is always a fireworks night! Join the NBYL to cheer on our hometown Ducks!

If you have any questions at all, or information the league should know, please do not hesitate to contact the league.

Here’s to another great season of North Babylon Youth League Baseball!

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