Be Careful Buying Baseball Bats On Sale…

There has been a major rule change for 2018 regarding bats for Baseball Little League use (Softball bats are NOT affected by this rule change). ALL LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL BATS (AT ALL LEVELS) MUST HAVE THE USA BASEBALL EMBLEM ON THE BAT OR IT CAN NOT BE USED. The league will provide a couple of bats for each team and we will purchase extra bats if players or parents want to buy from us when we receive them (scheduled for January).

If you have already purchased a bat, there is a program to get the bat approved, and receive a USA Baseball sticker, but be advised that many bats do not meet the new standard. Many of these bats may be on deep discount, with no indication that they will not be legal for league play, come the 2018 season.

The logo looks like this, and it may be in different colors:

USA Baseball Logo

The NBYL will be posting links to official bat suppliers and discount offers, so watch the website for further info.

Read the press release from

See the article on bat standards.

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