Fall Ball Important Announcement

As a reminder, if you OR your child has been feeling ill, or has been exposed to anyone who is ill, you should REFRAIN from participating in ANY League activities.

Anyone who is requested to quarantine should also observe these restrictions for Little League.

Thank you,

Lea del Rosario
President, NBYL

Game Schedule For Week Of Sept. 17th – Sep. 23rd

Game Schedules for the current week. Remember, games can be rescheduled due to weather and other factors, so check with your team’s coach to confirm your games. Some games are currently not shown on the schedule, check with your coaches.

Team Coaches:

Majors Minors Farms
1001 – Larry Knappe
1002 – Tom
1003 – Shawn Macnamara
1004 – Babylon Vinnie
1005 – W. Babylon Dispigno
1006 – Lindenhurst Evan
1007 – W. Islip Ron
1008 – W. Babylon Dluginski
901 – Vinny
902 – Kris
903 – Steve
904 – Jimmy
905 – Babylon Mike
906 – W. Islip Tom
907 – W. Babylon Olsen
908 – Lindenhurst Rob
801 – Nick
802 – Thomas
803 – Babylon Matt
804 – Babylon B Nick
805 – Babylon Dave
806 – W. Islip Mike
807 – W. Babylon Sullo
808 – W. Babylon Giangrasso
809 – Caamano/Medina

Friday, September 18th:

  • Field #1: Minors Baseball 901 vs. 905
  • Field #2: Minors Baseball 902 vs. 906
  • Field #3: Minors Baseball 903 vs. 904


  • Field #1: Minors Baseball 908 vs. 907
  • Field #2: Majors Baseball 1007 vs. 1006
  • Field #3: Majors Baseball 1003 vs. 1004

Saturday, September 19th:

  • Field #2: Farms Baseball 801 vs. 808
  • Field #3: Farms Baseball 806 vs. 805

Monday, September 21st:

  • Field #1: Farms Baseball 802 vs. 804
  • Field #2: Farms Baseball 807 vs. 803
  • SAWYER Field #1: Majors Baseball 1008 vs. 1005

Wednesday, September 23rd:

  • Field #3: Farms Baseball 808 vs. 809

Fall Ball Is A Go! And YOU CAN Play, Even If You Did Not Play Spring!

(Flyer is outdated, and will be updated shortly.) You CAN register, whether on not you played Spring Ball!

Fall Ball starting Sept. 18th

Season Covid Rules and Updates For Season – Important!

From Our President, Lea Del Rosario:

We’re very excited to be able to get back on the field tomorrow, as Majors & Minors Baseball kicks off, playing on Mondays and Thursdays.
Farms Baseball plays on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Minors Softball plays on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and we are also hosting district games for both minors and majors softball.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t coordinate numbers and volunteers for the other divisions.

As we get started, we want to remind everyone of the guidelines that have been put in place in light of the ongoing pandemic. Everyone should arrive to the fields with a mask and it should be worn whenever social distancing is not possible.
All dugouts are being marked off to extend the space for the players. There should be NO MORE THAN 4 PLAYERS IN THE DUGOUT AT ONE TIME.
Parents/spectators must bring their own chairs and sit along the outfield. NO ONE is allowed behind the backstops or dugouts.

Please help us to adhere to the various guidelines so that we can keep everyone safe and out on the fields playing ball. Thank you!

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Covid Rules Practice

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