North Babylon Winter Workouts Starting Jan. 7th

Steve Corrado

The North Babylon Youth League and the staff of the North Babylon High School are once again working together to have winter workouts for baseball and softball. The workouts are available to Softball minors and majors divisions, and Baseball 8-year old’s to 12 year old’s. These clinics cost $150 per child for a six week program, starting January 7th from 10AM-12PM in the West gym of the Phelps Lane High School. These clinics are run by the High School’s Varsity Softball and Baseball staff. Any questions, please call Ken Primm at 631-586-1052, John Egan at 631-848-6311, or Steve Corrado at 631-523-5112.

You can register for the winter workouts this Saturday at the Pool House Registration from 10AM-2PM. All major credit cards are accepted.