North Babylon Youth League Softball Minors Win Big In 2016!

The 2016 North Babylon Minors Softball Team led by coach Lea Vandernoth took on all of Little League District 34 minors softball in July 2016 – and won!

The team won every game, and went 4-0 through the tournament, winning all games by run rule and scoring 60 runs while allowing 20.

The Williamsport Tournament hosts the best teams in each district, and then goes on to state, regionals, nationals and then the World Series.

While they did not advance to the state championship, it was an impressive showing, and great wins, by a great team!

We should all be proud of our champions, and they are a wonderful example of how hard work and dedication creates real winners!

We salute our 2016 Williamsport District 34 Champions, and wish them a hearty congratulations and good luck for representing the NBYL so well.

The team roster included:
Samantha Christopher
Allison Crupi
Sienna Denino
Mia Ercolano
Isabella Frias
Sydney Kirincic
Dana Krohberger
Gianna Oliva
Taylor Oppedisano
Madison Picerno
Kerry Rudden
Ava Vandernoth

Lea Vandernoth
Chris Vandernoth
Joe Kirincic
Mike Frias
Kristina Crua

Thanks for the exciting games, and let’s look forward to more wins in 2017!