Take A Look At Us Now!

The NBYL just finished a hugely successful work session, Saturday, March 13th. Many, MANY volunteers showed up and gave of their time and sweat to make the North Babylon baseball and softball fields some of the best anywhere! The town has completed the new artificial turf on field 3, and is in the process of replacing the fencing on field 2 with the same black fencing as field 3, that is very striking to the eye, as well as creating a concrete walkway around field 3 to the parking lot. (Pictures below!)

All the available windscreens are now up, the batting cage screens and signs are up, the signs for our wonderful and generous sponsors are up, the capping is installed on both field 3 and field 2, the uniforms and team equipment are being readied for distribution, and the concession stand is being prepared for a new season.

Our sincere thanks to all our volunteers that pitched in and accomplished so much work in a very short amount of time, and thanks to the NBYL board members for the coordination and work that they performed making this event the success that it was. An additional big thank you goes out to the Town of Babylon, the village of North Babylon, and its workers for doing such an amazing job with the fields, the fences and the new concrete walkway to the parking lot. It goes to show that working together, we can do great things.

For those of you that were not available for the work session, don’t worry, there is lots of work still to be done. As soon as we receive the rest of the new windscreens for field 3 and field 1, they will need to be installed, as well as lots of other cleanup and setup jobs. Further work sessions will be announced, or if you have some extra time, please contact Ken Primm directly.

Remember, opening day is April 2nd, and time goes by fast!

Again, thank all of you volunteers, and we’ll see you on the field!