You Can Do A Lot In A Day…

Field One Left Field Corner
Field One Centerfield Wind Screen and Scoreboard

You can do a lot with a little help from your friends. And volunteers, and coaches…

And that is what happened this Saturday, March 18th! Many coaches, managers, board members, and volunteers pitched in to get our fields ready for the 60th Anniversary Season of NBYL Baseball and Softball. There were almost enough ladders to go around, and the work went so well, that the sign for Field #3 and windscreens are up, the wind screen on Field #2 is up, the brand new windscreens for Field #1, generously donated by Winthrop Affiliates, are up, and the batting cage windscreens, championship signs, and nets are up!

In case you were not able to make it Saturday, there is still some work to be done! The backstops need to be put up, the sponsor signs for Field #2, and the concession stand all need attention. We anticipate having a work session this Saturday, March 25th, to get those items taken care of, and if another large volunteer group comes down, it won’t take long at all. Since coaches need to pick up uniforms that day, please consider spending an hour or two to finish off the pre-season preparation so that the NBYL can look its best for Opening Day, April 1st!

For all of you that came down and so willingly and generously donated your time, labor, and ladders, THANK YOU!! We are a strong league because of YOU.

Here’s to a fun, safe, and winning season for the NBYL this year!